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About Us

Polaris Weightlifting is  Los Angeles’ premier training facility dedicated to the sport of weightlifting.  Inside a 2,500+ sq ft. facility in Canoga Park, we provide the highest quality and competition rated equipment along with the very best coaches in the sport.  We offer class membership with coaching for Weightlifting and Strength & Conditioning and open gym access for all skill levels. We also offer educational seminars for both athletes and coaches.  Whether you are a Competitive Weightlifter, an Athlete, or a CrossFitter looking to better your technique, Polaris Weightlifting is the place to be!

Polaris Weightlifting is a registered USAW Club in the California South WSO


Head Coach
Toby Skinner

    Toby Skinner is a USAW Advanced Sports Performance Coach with over a decade of coaching experience, 20+ years of practical weightlifting experience, and 30+ years of experience as an athlete across multiple disciplines.

     For the past 8 years Coach Toby was  the Assistant Coach at Takano Weightlifting, working alongside his mentor, Hall of Fame Weightlifting Coach, Bob Takano.  Coach Takano retired from the Head Coach position at the Club on January 31st 2023.

     Since 2012 Toby has coached over 90+ competitive weightlifters (youth, junior/senior/masters), 400+ athletes/recreational lifters, and provided Strength & Conditioning for 50+ youth/junior/university athletes(volleyball, baseball, football, track and field, soccer, etc.).


   “Toby Skinner is, by far, the best coach I’ve ever developed and worked with.” - Hall of Fame Weightlifting Coach Bob Takano

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